Whilst we do not require you to have a portfolio, we encourage you to follow these guidelines when sending in your pictures:

o Pictures must be clear and of good quality
o over 4's are required to provide professional pictures, we do not mind where you have this done
o Pictures to be taken against a plain background (A white/plain wall)
o Natural lighting is best, avoid the use of flash
o Avoid clutter/distractions in the background
o Keep hands away from face (we want to see your features)
o Keep hair away from face
o No hair bow/accessories
o No makeup or face paints
o No sunglasses
o Keep your outfits clean and simple (No logos, no costumes)
o No naked pictures please
o No hats
o Take pictures at eye level (come to the level of your subject)
o For babies: No dummies or food in face (as cute as they look, they
are sadly not fit for purpose)
o No other people in picture (for small babies, lay them on a white sheet)
o No filters/heavy editing