Over time, we have worked hard to build a relationship with our parents and clients alike, this has given us the opportunity to understand the industry and an insight to what clients really want.

Our recent discussions with clients has made us realise that clients do not particularly like signing on non – sole agencies for direct briefs, it isn’t the clients favourite thing to do going through piles of submissions with the same child being submitted over 5 times by different agencies for the same briefs. The most important factor that we’ve discovered is that it doesn’t necessarily work in the favour of the models in most cases as clients get frustrated seeing the same faces over and over again and they would rather go with faces that are either new to the industry or exclusive to an agency.

We want our clients to be rest assured that any child booked/ selected through us is exclusive to us, in the lights of the above, we have decided that the best way forward for us as an agency is to GO SOLE.

We have also decided to focus on South mainly which sadly means that we will no longer be taking children for North representation and our preference will be children who live in London or are easily accessible to London.

We are very excited for the future and the journey ahead.

Kind regards,

USI Agency Team